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See how fast and easy it is to earn passive income with our mining service.


Easily start mining with only Bitcoin address needed. No e-mail or other info needed.


Get free 100 GH/s Bonus on your first log in! This will let you earn instantly.


Receive your funds automatically to your faucetpay wallet. No waiting time, no minimum.

Information Desk

Here's our Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud mining is a method to mine cryptocurrencies by leasing equipment or renting computing power from data centers. It negates the process of individually setting up physical mining hardware, getting a high-speed internet connection, sourcing electricity, and maintaining the hardware.

Through our platform, you will be able to easily mine cryptocurrency without having any equipment/rigs. We'll provide it for you. You just have to power up your account by purchasing GH/s through the website. The more GH/s you have, the more you earnings increases.

Each GH/s will give you profit/earnings every seconds for Unlimited days (no expiry). You can also track your earnings increasingly live through your account dashboard.

As a welcome gift, you will be credited a FREE 100 GH/s BONUS instantly ones you open an account.

Upon your first log in, your account will be credited a FREE 100 GH/s BONUS which enables your account to immediately start earning every seconds.

You can increase your earnings more FASTER through two simple steps.

1. By purchasing more GH/s. The more GH/s you purchase, the more higher you will earn every seconds.

2. By inviting/referring your friends. In this step, you don't have to deposit to earn. The more referrals you have, the more faster your earnings/profits increases every seconds. Each new referral will increase your mining power. Aside from that, you will also earn 15% Referral Commission on each deposits made by your referrals.

Minimum deposit is only 0.00003 BTC ~$1.72 (100 GH/s).

We do not limit withdrawal numbers. You can withdraw any amount you have in balance.

Both deposits and withdrawals are processed 100% instantly and automatically by system. Please contact us if you encounter any problems.

We accept all available cryptocurrency in the Faucetpay.io wallet.

We offer promoters, advertisers and marketers including all users/miners a huge 15% Referral Commission. These earnings are instantly can be withdrawn anytime you want without any limits. No deposits are needed to earn commissions.

Your balance per second, will also be increasing for every new referrals you have. So, the more referrals you invite, the more your earnings increases faster!

Yes. We offer multiple cryptocurrency cloud mining platform. You may click it's link below.

UNLIFREECRYPTO - TRON (TRX) CLOUD MINING: https://tron.unlifreecrypto.com/
UNLIFREECRYPTO - TETHER (USDT) CLOUD MINING: https://tether.unlifreecrypto.com/
UNLIFREECRYPTO - DOGECOIN (DOGE) CLOUD MINING: https://dogecoin.unlifreecrypto.com/
UNLIFREECRYPTO - BINANCE COIN (BNB) CLOUD MINING: https://binancecoin.unlifreecrypto.com/

Yes. We are focused on a Long term and Stable cloud mining program. As we build you a stable investment service, we have also made sure that all our licenses are valid and the company is 100% registered in the United Kingdom.

UNLIFREECRYPTO [BTC] launched and started on February 22, 2024 is a licensed company based in the United Kingdom. Our mission is to build a community that helps each other earn in the field of cryptocurrency for long term.

UNLIFREECRYPTO is registered and licensed under 'CRYPTO INVEST LTD.' - Check our company documents here https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/14707337

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DISCLAIMER: UNLIFREECRYPTO assures you a Stable and Long Term cloud mining program where you can invest your cryptocurrency securely.
To offer everyone a stable and fair service, we will not tolerate any acts of cheating or abuse in the program.
Our mission is to build a community that helps each other earn in the field of cryptocurrency for long term. We are focused on a Long term and Stable cloud mining program.
So rest assured that you are in a safe platform as we are licensed and registered in the United Kingdom. check our company documents here

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